July 13, 2011

crazy life.

well i have been home for a grand total of 5 days this summer and those days have been jam packed with packing. i leave for fiji today for 6 weeks and then i flight straight to school from fiji. so this is sooo long arizona for awhile. i am beyond excited for what's ahead of me, but it's definitely not going to be fun leaving my family and friends. here are some pictures of my summer so far... utah, cali, and megan was so nice to snap some last minute photos of morg and i so we don't forget about each other while we are apart. actually i really don't know what i am going to do without her 24/7, seriously. buuut anyways back to the pictures, here they are...

May 26, 2011

jaw surgery

i'll share a quick sample of what all went down. so two and a half weeks ago i had jaw and chin surgery, to fix my overbite and hope that it would also fix all the tension/headaches/earaches that i've lived with for as long as i could remember. i had the surgery early in the morning, upon arrival they dressed me in cute hospital clothes and stuck the iv in me. that's about all i can remember... oh wait the special gown they gave me could be hooked up to this hose thing that was a heater and so it was warm the whole gown, best invention ever (coming from the person who is always cold). anyways so next thing i know is its about three hours later and i realize i am in the recovery room. it took me awhile to really wake up, but when i was pretty awake they moved me to my own room. they let me sleep for another hour, then they finally let my parents and Reni come up and see me. the whole first day i was really out of it and pushed my morphine button every seven minutes (that was as much as they would allow it). the second day in the hospital was the worst cause i was more awake and started to realize what i had gotten myself into. so much pain and my face was HUGE. i didn't even look in the mirror for three days, but i could feel how big it was and then i got to see the shocked faces of everyone who came to visit me haha. anyways after learning how to eat (drink), manage the pain, have another quick little procedure to fix some bands that had broken, they let me leave the hospital two and a half days later. those first two weeks at home were very rough. i'm so lucky to have a great mom who took such good care of me and for all the visitors, flowers, and cards. but finally, two and a half weeks later i look and feel a little more like myself again. the swelling's almost down and three times a day i can eat mashed potato consistency food, which you have no idea how amazing that is. this week i have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's just been such a long process but the doc said by november hopefully i'll be all done and recovered braces and everything so i am very anxious for that. the lower half of my face is still completely numb so that's still hard to get used to, but there's a good chance that will last for a year... so lucky me. i guess i'm just glad the worst is over, it's behind me and now i can start looking forward to more exciting things like summer and Fiji!!! 

There's no way i'm posting my pictures, so i looked on google and this kinda shows what they did. so now i permanently have 18 screws in my jaw/chin. hopefully i don't beep at the airport.
this is almost identical to how i looked during surgery i'm sure.

April 28, 2011


so my lovely parents took me to europe for two weeks! we traveled through england, then up to scotland, and flew over to ireland to finish the trip. everything was so incredible. the sights, the scenery, the people, the shopping, everything! one thing that i really liked was learning about the history there. because everything is so old and has a story behind it. i also loved learning more about the royal family and all that jazz, especially because they were getting ready for the big wedding. it was so unbelievably pretty and green there! then when you add being at huge castle right on the ocean or staying in a cute little bed & breakfast while hundreds of sheep surround or riding a horse through the most scenic trail ever, i had to keep pinching myself to make sure it was real life. i don't know how else to describe how amazing it was, all i know is i definitely want to go back. like now. here's a quick sample of pictures, we took more than anyone should be allowed to...but i don't have the patience to load them all. haha
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March 29, 2011

i love my job.

i babysit the cutest kids all day every day. they make me laugh so hard and i am going to miss them all so much when i leave.

March 20, 2011


this last week the fam took a trip to cali. family vacations are always the best and there ain't nothing like the terry crew. i love them so much.


Jeff and Megan dedicate their pose to Grey

Sarah wins best pose
Mine was dedicated to my dad
Grey and Finn so excited
"we can play together" - Grey

Crumbs in Hollywood. best cupcakes
(thank momma dear for the awesome photography)

March 8, 2011

happy birthday to megan.

today is my older sister megan's birthday. just wanted to give her a little shout out. she is a mother to two of the cutest kids i know and i just admire everything about her. we always have so much fun together and she is perfect at doing everything an older sister should do. i know it's cliche but she really is my best friend. i am so grateful for her and i hope she has a fabulous birthday!



well here i am. i didn't think i would start a blog until i was married or had a kid or something significant was happening in my life, but obviously i didn't wait for that to happen. i am very excited for this upcoming year because i have a lot of exciting adventures coming my way, and i thought this would be a fun way to document some of them. so far this year has been an absolute blast. i love not having to go to school and being able to make my own schedule. i work a ton but i spend every minute of my spare time with my family because i know this fall is going to be a rude awakening when we don't all live right next to each other anymore. anyways stay tuned :)